Our Speakers

Elisa Chiang, MD, PHD

Elizabeth Chiang, or Elisa for short, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon as well as a life coach. She dove into the world of personal finance and investing as a graduate student during her MSTP (combined MD/PhD program) and set her mind toward FIRE before the term became popularized. She started off investing in stocks and mutual funds. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I tackled real estate investing and flipped two houses before graduating medical school.

She put real estate investing inside during residency and fellowship which she truly enjoyed. However, when she became burned out working for a hospital system, she turned again to real estate investing as the avenue to financial independence with the possibility of walking away from medicine. Luckily, her real estate journey included an introduction to coaching and mindset. It was really with coaching, that she was able to overcome burnout and started to design her ideal life now, and not waiting until FIRE. 

She became a certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School so she can help others battle burnout, build wealth, and make every day closer to their ideal life. You can book a free coaching consultation at her website at GrowYourWealthyMindset.com.

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Miranda Phillips, DO

Miranda Phillips is the co-founder of Elite Wealth and Wellness. She is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, international speaker, and a physician. Dr. Phillips started practicing medicine in 2009 after graduating medical school with a 4.0 GPA and her love for helping others continues to grow. She stands by her lifelong physician oath to ‘Do No Harm’ as she works towards fulfilling her mission of creating wealth and wellness for all.

With a thorough understanding of the codependent relationship between mental and physical health, she has pushed herself hard to find both her intellectual and physical limits.  She has set NCAA intercollegiate women’s soccer records that still stand today and became financially free by her mid-30s. Some of her other life experiences have included international medical mission work, scuba diving, piloting small airplanes, hiking dangerous coastlines, starring on international television, and being a mom and wife. Her adventures and achievements have taught her many lessons in life in addition to granting her a unique perspective of humanity and the world. 

She has always been fascinated by the life stories of others and has enjoyed spending many years coaching physicians and other leaders to success in their own lives. 

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Randi Nelson, MD

As one of the nation’s most acclaimed Pediatricians and financial wellness experts, Dr. Randi B. Nelson (aka DrRandiBMD) is also a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. In addition, she is a sought-after media expert regarding children and young adult health issues and financial wellness expert due to her extensive 14-year career as a Vice President in investment banking.

Dr. Randi meets with professionals one on one and in groups, traveling the country to instruct and provide financial wellness care to those in need.  She is known to be authentic, compassionate, and intelligent who is equipped with knowledge to get professionals on the path to financial wellness.

Dr. Randi is a published author of the Chicken Soup of the Soul series with her short autobiographical story “Following my Heart”.

She is also the author of two #1 Amazon best seller Ladynomics – A Woman’s Prescription to Wealth and Financial Well-Being and Ladynomics, Vol. 2: A Woman's Practical Guide to Becoming Financially Healthy.

Dr. Randi earned her BS in Accounting from State University of NY from Buffalo, an MBA from Hofstra University and her MD from State University of NY at Stony Brook School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric residency at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, NY.

You can follow Dr. Randi on all social media @DrRandiBMD or her website

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Chiagozie Fawole, MD

When she’s not putting babies to sleep at home and at work, Dr. Chiagozie Fawole is a Real Estate entrepreneur.

She got her first two deals done during residency, including a syndication of a 12-unit apartment complex deal. Having built a portfolio of traditional rental units in a few years, she now amplifies cash flow by turning properties she does not own into short term rentals.

On her SavvyDocs in Real Estate platform, she helps physicians get started generating meaningful income from Real Estate.  She is based in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY, where she lives with her husband and three girls.

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Dewan Farhana, DO

Dr. Dewan Farhana, DO is a tech entrepreneur, thought leader on health care technology, and advocate of financial literacy. She studied cell biology and neuroscience at Rutgers University, conducted basic sciences research at Yale Medical School and earned her medical degree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

She founded Betternest, a software tech startup that connects users to digital and physical organization services to create functional spaces that improve quality of life. As the CEO of Betternest, she raised venture funding from angel investors and Rutgers Business School. Dewan was selected as a NPR “How I Built This” Fellow, received many leadership accolades and was featured in news media including Martha Stewart, Romper and Doximity. 

She also founded and sits on the board of the Human Dignity Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on the upward mobility of impoverished individuals worldwide.

Dewan is a strong advocate of financial literacy and broad-based investing strategies to achieve financial freedom. She posts weekly on these topics to her 20K+ followers on IG and doctorfinances.com.

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Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, MD

Becoming an entrepreneur can be in your blood, or you can learn it, then perfect it, or a bit of all of these. The excitement of entrepreneurship allured Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez since she was a child. Science came later, and the wonders of medicine consumed a considerable part of her life. She designed multiple pain centers through her journey, including her award-winning Comprehensive Pain Center of Sarasota, which she grew and successfully sold. She worked on many other ventures, even in the entertainment world, alongside her husband. She is also a mom to twin teens, trained as an anesthesiologist, interventional pain physician, author, and entrepreneur.During her 25 years medical career, she has witnessed a concerning detrimental shift in the lives of physicians. As a result, it has become her wish and reality to help physicians design their lives to decrease the rate of burnout and allow them to practice medicine under their terms.She created Phyzign to help future generations of physicians design their physician lives.

Expect the main offerings to be released this Winter. It will include a Podcast with many episodes already recorded. It will give the younger generation ideas and tips on topics that should help them plan their physician lives with better information, more intention, and education on the right business tools for the job.She also founded the maxAllure Mastermind.

In this venture, she helps Physician Entrepreneurs through accountability, coaching, and support. It arose from the frustration of not finding a group of like-minded physicians to grow and develop their business ideas in the same forum with their spouses. So, she formed her own group, allowing her husband to have an equal voice as she wanted. Today, this group welcomes Physician Entrepreneurs and their couples, making it the only one in its class.

A unique feature is pairing specific seasoned physician entrepreneurs and participants on particular topics to help them via coaching in their private group sessions. This group has already helped many physicians in very diverse areas, from beginners to seasoned entrepreneurs.Aside from these two companies, she leads 150 physicians at the Women Physicians in Pain Management Investments group, organizing discussions of different financial topics and presenting potential investment opportunities for the members.“I’m honored to take part in the Wealthy Women in Medicine Summit and hope to continue contributing to improving our physicians’ lives.”

Free Gift: We are pleased to offer you an online webinar from my new venture, the Maxallure Mastermind, titled “Healthy Business Checkup for Physician Entrepreneurs”. We describe a sound approach for regular review of your business health and invite you to join us in our next mastermind group.

Yashoda Bhaskar, MD

Dr. Yashoda Bhaskar, MD dABLM
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
ICF Certified Life Transformation Coach (ACC certification in process)
Certified Money Coach (CMC)
Whole Health Medicine Institute facilitator
Certified as a Vipassana Meditation instructor
Podcast host - Physician Wellness Lounge

Dr. Yashoda is an ICF Certified Life coach as well as a Certified Money Coach, helping women physicians who have unique struggles in medicine around burnout, sexism and discrimination. 

As an attending physician, she held a number of leadership roles very successfully.

She believes that financial freedom is key to developing control of one's professional and personal life, giving physicians choice to create a work-life balance that works for them.

 She is now financially independent and retired in Hawaii. However, the burnout epidemic in medicine and the fact that many physicians are burdened by financial challenges motivated her to become a coach so she can serve her colleagues on the front lines.


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Marieke Gardner, MD

Based out of Montreal, Canada, ER Physician and mom to 3 kiddos, Dr Gardner is passionate about helping women in medicine break free from the golden handcuffs and get back their most precious commodity: Time.

In medicine we trade our time for money. No matter how much we love your work, or how well we are compensated, there will always be a ceiling as long as we are employees.

Developing multiple income streams outside of medicine is the best way to add layers of financial security and eventually create financial freedom for ourselves and our families. 

Dr Gardner recently added an 8th income stream when she discovered the significant earning potential of day-trading. She is now empowering a growing tribe of professional women to do the same. 

Most people will hope for ~10% annual returns on their investments. If you would rather see 10% monthly, or even 10% weekly growth, trading might be for you.

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy, wanting to build up a down payment for your first real estate investment, or simply looking for vacation money, come join us in our Women Building Wealth through Trading FB community so that you can find out if trading will be your next growth vehicle.

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Param Bala, MD

Param Baladandapani is a sub-specialty trained Radiologist who while working full time and raising two young kids built a multi million dollar real estate portfolio that helped her become Financially Independent and retire this year at 41.

 She is also founder and CEO of GenerationalWealthMD, a community that helps high income professionals accelerate towards financial freedom by building a real estate portfolio that fits  their lifestyle and goals. Over the last 8 years, she has invested in Long Term and Short term rentals as well as development projects in different domestic markets and abroad and she brings this expertise to her Immersive small group coaching program- Creating Generational Freedom where she empowers others to start and scale their portfolios.   

If you are motivated to stop trading your time for money, watch the WEBINAR below and join the GenerationalWealthMD community on Facebook.Free Gift: 
The 3 step framework to accelerate to Financial Independence - I used this framework to 10 x my passive income and retire from medicine at 40

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Janelle Wagner, MD

When I became an attending, I thought my only option when it came to managing my finances was handing the reins over to a financial adviser.  It never occurred to me that there could be another way. 

One day I watched a webinar on how to learn options trading.  I had no clue what they were talking about, but I was hooked!  I dove into all things options, stocks and world capital markets.  I learned how to properly understand my investments—it was eye opening!  Turns out my investments were under performing, but my adviser was getting paid well— so well, in fact, that he made more off of my money than I did!  

Learning about personal finance and mastering my money has been surprisingly fun, and it’s helped me to release money anxiety and become a confident investor.  My goal with Money Med School to impart this sense of financial wellness to my fellow physicians, because financial wellness is key to overall wellness, and healthy physicians make medicine better for everyone.

At Money Med School we put the F-Yeah! in finance, with a different approach to money— it’s fun, it’s abundant, and it’s totally do-able.  In other words, F-Yeah!

P.S. If you’re wondering about my other career, I graduated from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, completed General Surgery residency at Temple University Hospital, Plastic Surgery residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Hand and Microsurgery fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis.

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The Money Med School Get Started Guide to Taking Control of Your Finances Step-By-Step is the system I used to get started with my personal finances. The guide teaches you the main things you need to know to get your financial ducks in a row and leads you through setting them up step-by-step.  This is the guide I wish I had had when I was just starting out!

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